The team is aware of a bug in relation to adding and deleting music tracks.

The Initial Problem

Users are trying to add their tracks as expected, however, it appears they are doing so more than once on our side. This takes up all of the audio space, and they're not able to delete the extra tracks themselves, so it means they have to go through our support channels to fix it.

In order to reduce wait times for our customers, we’ve put together a simple guide to deleting your tracks. 

If this tutorial is unclear, or you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

How To Fix It:

The fix is very simple, and we’re going to break it down in three steps.

  1. Finding the excess tracks.
  2. Deleting the excess tracks.
  3. Adding the track you initially desired.

Finding The Excess Music Tracks

In order to locate the excess tracks, you must find the scroller bar for the music track timeline. It should look tiny, indicating you have a lot of music tracks added.

Scroll all the way to the end of the timeline, and you should see the end of it fairly soon.

Deleting The Excess Music Tracks

Once found, move your cursor to hover over the top right corner of the music track. There, you should see an “x” button. Click it to delete all the tracks you don’t want.

Adding Music You Initially Wanted

To add new audio tracks, you can click directly on the “ADD MUSIC” page or click the “+” sign at the end of the music timeline. We’ve illustrated it below:

And if you’d like to upload audio from your computer, you can select the Upload tab here:

We hoped that this helped, and we apologize for the inconvenience in using

Please contact us if you need any more assistance.

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